Meet our team

The team at Southdown Sports Club is dedicated to making your membership experience as great as it can be.

Southdown Sports Club, Lewes


Senior Receptionist

I have spent the hub of my working life in the hub of London. I am passionate about animals, walking, skiing and the colour Pink.

Southdown Sports Club, Lewes


Senior Receptionist

I love the outdoors, either walking my dog Mocha or running on the beautiful downs. I am a keen mountain biker too.

Southdown Sports Club, Lewes


Duty Manager

Ciao! My name is Mauro Lazzati and I am the duty manager at the club.

My passion is running on and off road. I have run 9 marathons and 2 ultra marathons.

I enjoy working at the South Downs Sports Club because I am surrounded by the two things I love the most; sport and people.

Southdown Sports Club, Lewes


Bar & Cafe Manager

I have worked at the Southdown Club for 7 years and love the atmosphere at the club after a busy day of sport. I enjoy running on the South Downs and cooking for my friends and family.

Southdown Sports Club, Lewes



I have worked 34 years at the club and have witnessed, hurricanes, fire and flood. The site has adapted to meet the needs of each generation. My passion is athletics and i am a level 3 coach. Of my many personal achievements, running a sub-3-hour marathon and coaching Rub Mullett, steeplechaser, to the Rio Olympic Games in 2016 are my greatest accomplishments.

Southdown Sports Club, Lewes


General Manager

I have been a member of the Southdown Club for 30 years and I am excited to be managing the site. Sport has been the mainstay of my life teaching me resilience, a competitive edge, teamwork and valuing others. I am passionate about the club and will work as hard as I can to meet the needs of the present membership without compromising the ability to future proof the site for the next generation.